Road Warrior Animal

(Wrestling Legend)

Attending: Saturday & Sunday
Autograph: £20
Photo Op: £20

The Road Warriors are the most dominant tag team in sports-entertainment’s history. It’s not a topic of debate. It’s a fact.

Bodybuilder thick with their heads shaved into wild Mohawks like some post-apocalyptic monsters, Hawk & Animal’s intimidating appearance immediately brought them attention, but it was the carnage they caused in the ring that truly gave them a following. Led by their manager, Precious Paul Ellering, The Road Warriors wasted no time in capturing the NWA National Tag Team Titles in 1983 and never looked back.

For the next two decades, it was a massacre every time the duo suited up in their motorcycle boots and spiked leather collars. They smashed Baron von Raschke & The Crusher in Minnesota, stomped through The Midnight Express in Georgia, battered Harley Race & Stan Hansen in Florida. Wherever they went — from the Deep South to Japan — they broke bones and won titles.

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