(Wrestling Superstar)

Attending: Saturday & Sunday
Autograph: £15

Otherwise known as the Chesterfield Plague, Bram is a man who stays true to himself and is always up for a good fight. With 13 years of wrestling experience under his belt, he knows how to take control of any and every situation both in and outside of the ring. A former member of the DCC along with James Storm and Kingston, Bram believed in restoring order to IMPACT Wrestling, as long as “order” fell within the parameters of what Bram saw fit. Their restoration was mostly executed through violence and assertion; two characteristics that describe Bram perfectly. The self-proclaimed “King of Hardcore” who has an ability to go toe-to-toe technically with anyone who challenges him, Bram is a threat to the entire locker room. While handing out beatings is more important to Bram than calling himself “champion,” he possesses every attribute of a man who could carry an entire brand on his shoulders.

All guests attend subject to commitments.

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