Press Pass Info

Who is eligible?

Members of any press or media outlet can apply for a press pass.

How many press passes can I apply for?

In most cases, we will issue a maximum of 4 passes per media outlet. In extraordinary circumstances, we may be able to issue further passes, but if you require more than 4, you must contact us directly at

How do I apply for a press pass?

You can apply online here.

If I apply, am I guaranteed a press pass?

You are not guaranteed a press pass. We will reply to successful press pass applications by 25 March 2017. To maximise your chances of receiving a press pass, please make sure that you fill in the application with all relevant information.

When can I enter the event with a press pass?

Press passes are valid for the entire event (8-9 April 2017) and grant access to the site from 10am on both days.

What can I do with a press pass?

Press pass holders have the following permissions:
• You may take photographs of the event.
• You may speak to attendees and use any quotes they give, provided they give their individual permission.
• You can take photographs in the Q&A hall during Q&A sessions, but please avoid causing too much disruption.

What can’t I do with a press pass?

• Your press pass does not entitle you to any free merchandise from the Wales Comic Con merchandise stand, vendors or guests. If you want any merchandise, including autographs from guests, you must purchase it.
• We cannot allow you to film Q&A sessions without express permission, but you may take notes that can be quoted.
• A press pass does not grant you access to the green room or other behind the scenes areas that are not accessible by the general public.

Can I interview guests?

Due to how busy the event is, we are unable to pre-arrange interviews with guests. However, should you run into them during the day, feel free to speak to them and ask questions so long as they give their individual permission.

Can I speak to the organisers?

During the event itself, the organisers will not be available for comment unless arranged in advance. If you wish to speak to the organisers, it is best to do so before or after the event. To arrange this, please email